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Be Grateful

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Finally, you know you’re getting there when you can feel grateful for your imperfections, for the fact that you – along with pretty much every other human being – have made mistakes.. There’s a line from a song by Talking Heads that says “In heaven, nothing ever happens.” How could it? Perfection implies completion, perhaps even immobility. Nothing happens in a perfect environment because there is no change. There is no contrast. There are no imperfections to motivate positive alterations in behaviour. No mistakes means no lessons to be learned from those mistakes. When you look at it this way, not only is perfection unattainable, it is also unbelievably boring. The interesting stuff happens when things get messy, when thing break and when the unexpected occurs. That’s why embracing your imperfections, being grateful for them, is so important. Your imperfections are a map that leads you to positive change –change that makes a difference in your life and in the lives of everyone around you.

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