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We have seen that people who chase the myth of perfection are deathly afraid of mistakes. They see mistakes as weakness. They hate to make them. When they do occur, they hide those mistakes from view or blame other people, and often lose the lesson inherent in the mistake itself. Very often, this means that they are doomed to repeat that mistake time and time again.

When you embrace your mistakes, and the imperfections that they represent, you always learn the lesson that the mistake brings. It’s a gift, as long as you’re ready to accept it. If you do accept it and take on board the lesson within, not only do you free yourself from that error, you also now have the ability to teach others how to avoid that error as well. A mentor is great, not only because of the knowledge that they are willing to share, but also because of the way that they obtained that knowledge. They have taken on board and learned from the lessons involved in the mistakes that they have made. If they hadn’t made those mistakes, there would be no knowledge to share. Remember this when you learn your own lessons in life. Remember that in sharing what you’ve learned, you have demonstrated the power of embracing your imperfections in the most profound way possible.

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