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Hear success stories from people like you.

Heather Simmons

“Judy is amazing – her knowledge, kindness, empathy and skill makes you feel completely at ease and in very safe hands. I would highly recommend her. Judy has helped me enormously with phobias and my eating issues which have been life long. My life is richer for knowing and having the benefits of sharing time with Judy. ??”

Lucy Long

“Judy Hoskins is an amazing coach. I am sure I can be trying at the best of times with 50+ years of bad habits. With the current isolation situation, I thought I would address some issues to improve my communications skills and have been bowled over by what I have learnt in such a short space of time. What’s more, it is fun. It is work-related, so tax deductible and, more importantly, I could see the benefits from day 1. I recommend Judy’s coaching skills unreservedly, my only regret is not using her services many years ago!”

Zodie Hawkins

“I loved my EFT sessions with Judy. Firstly she is just such a lovely human being, who puts you at your ease and genuinely wants to help you get better. She is also a brilliant, insightful therapist who treats you as an individual and really listens to what you have to say. She is quick to recognise the core of an issue and then creatively uses her many skills and knowledge to help you. Even though I already use EFT myself and think it is a powerful tool, I found it really valuable to work with Judy as she could stand back and see things from a different vantage point. It is definitely worth booking an appointment with Judy and giving a go.”

Naomi Angel

“Judy is inspiring & insightful. I have been helped by her as I’m sure many others have & will be in the future.”

Hazel Walker

“Judy has a very simple intuitive approach which enables her (and her client) to get straight to the heart of the issues at hand. She has helped me to come to terms with a very troubling family issue today and I feel as though, thanks to her, I’ve just landed in a much sunnier, happier place. I am incredibly impressed.”

Debs Davies

“Judy is kind, compassionate and caring. She is a great listener and a wonderful coach. She worked with me – content-free – using NLP on an issue I had and shifted it completely.”

Jackie Bishop

“I visited Judy for a Mind Shift Coaching session a few weeks ago at her lovely studio. I was made to feel very relaxed and at ease. Judy advised that probably only one session would be required for my particular problem.
Things didn’t seem to change for me straight away but during this last week the nerves that I had regarding my situation had completely disappeared. Genuinely delighted at the outcome.
Thank you Judy…would highly recommend you and this service 🙂 ”

Anna Watson

“I was lucky enough to win a session with Judy and had my first ever experience of hypnotherapy – when I went in I was feeling completely overwhelmed with everything that was going on in my life – when I came out and since, although all the stuff is still going on I feel clearer and calmer and more focused to get on with what I need to do to move forward- highly recommended”

Claire Matthews

“I have recently spent some time with Judy around various blocks I have been applying to my life which has caused me lots of stress and anxiety along the way and stopped me enjoying the moment for what it is. Judy has been patient and understanding but most importantly has helped me to see things so much clearer for myself. The clarity and calmness of mind is helping me on a daily basis to not become overwhelmed and anxious but more to ride the wave as it comes along. Life definitely throws some curve balls and finding the space within you that you can still be ok whatever is happening is a wonderful feeling! If you are stuck in your thinking and need some space between your thoughts – Judy will definitely help you on this journey.”

Louise Reader

“I recently spent some time with Judy Hoskins. I was absolutely amazed at the depth of change that has happened, without me having to do anything ! It ‘just happened’ very powerful and magical stuff !! I really enjoyed our sessions. I would totally recommend Judy. She was very caring and empathetic.”

Mark Sutton

“I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with Judy. It’s been an incredibly positive and beneficial experience. Judy is very experienced, professional and warm. Judy has helped me immensely and I’m deeply grateful.”

Viv Taylor

“I am sure you are fed up of reading the word miraculous regarding Judy & what she can do but unfortunately that’s the appropriate word. I saw Judy back in February as I had lost my ‘ mojo’ after the death of my father. In one session it was back stronger than it had been for at least 20 years & as I write this in June I have not had a day lacking in enthusiasm (as my poor husband will testify – bless him Judy is now not his most favourite person ?). Thank you so much Judy.”

Laura Gibson

“I cannot recommend Judy highly enough. Not only is she extremely professional, but she also approaches her work – and clients – with empathy. Judy knows a range of techniques and tailors her sessions accordingly to ensure you get maximum benefit. In a short time, Judy has helped me build my confidence and tackle anxiety ‘triggers’ to improve my wellbeing. Thanks to her I feel emotionally stronger and more resilient.”

Celia Leslie

“Judy Hoskins is a very insightful woman She brings clarity and attention to detail is focused and understanding She is a rock”