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There are two ways of approaching life. One is to see it as a series of problems to be solved or overcome. Unsurprisingly, people with this viewpoint tend to see the world in a somewhat negative light. Everything and everyone represents potential trouble. Therefore, they always feel the need to be on guard. They feel the need to always be prepared for the worst. They can feel overwhelmed and inadequate to defend themselves from what they see as a constant attack by forces beyond their control. People in search of perfection can develop this mindset. There is so much critical work to be done that one mistake can be fatal.

The other way of approaching life is completely different. This approach sees life as an interesting puzzle to be solved. Far from being overwhelmed by life, people with this attitude relish life’s challenges. They are endlessly curious about the world and the way that it operates. Mistakes do not bother these people. They understand that making a mistake is not fatal. Instead, it is a really good way to discover a solution to the challenge that has presented itself. They welcome the mistake. They embrace it and the lesson that it teaches. Rather than being problem focused they are solution focused.

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