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Try smiling more. You’ll feel better because of it. Now to your ears that may sound like a platitude. If it does, that could be a sign that you have a lot of negative energy in your life. Balanced people can often see room for improvement. A person who is imbalanced, like someone who is chasing the myth of perfection, doesn’t see any reason for change. So, if this particular piece of advice rings false to you, you might want to ask yourself what is going on.

Study after study has shown that actions do indeed influence thoughts and emotions. Smiling, even if you’re not particularly happy, changes how you feel about a project or about the world in general. When you activate the muscles necessary to smile, you’re brain interprets that activation as a sign that all is well. It then releases the chemicals that lift our spirits. In short, you acted happy, so you started to feel happy. Try it for yourself. It really works!

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