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Main Reason Why You Procrastinate

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Thank you for joining me on our journey from procrastination to productive.

There are many reasons we procrastinate. Or many reasons we think are why we procrastinate. It might be that you think you’re not prepared to do the task or that you are lazy or you’re overconfident in doing the job. The fact is these might not be the reasons why at all.

Here is one of the main reasons people procrastinate:

They underestimate the power of their emotions at the outset, as compared to what their future emotions will be once they have set their goals or made a start on the first task on their list.

Why does this happen? We tend to put off things that are farther off in the future because we don’t connect easily with the task. We don’t anticipate the pain we might feel having to work through the night to finish a task in the future. Or perhaps decline an invitation because a deadline has to be met.

Instead, if you visualize your future self and focus on the pain of putting things off, you might motivate yourself to start the task now. Think of your project deadline in a different way.

For example, you have a project due in 2 months. Instead, think of it as less than 60 days because you’re not working weekends and you have two days each week filled with meetings. That means you’d only have 28 days to finish the project.

That puts a new perspective on the time frame.

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