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Have you been keeping your clothes just in case?

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Have you ever wondered what’s going on when you keep clothes in your wardrobe that no longer fit, are the wrong size, colour or style for you?


You may not be able to put your finger on the answer straight away but you are sending your brain a very powerful message when you do this.  If you are a so-called yo-yo dieter it’s likely that you have clothes in your wardrobe that span several sizes. Even though you might tell yourself you are absolutely determined never to regain the weight this time around, those old, too big clothes tell a different story.  They are there because some small part of your mind keeps telling you ‘you might need those again some day’.  So much for your resolve to never regain the weight!  That little thought that refuses to go away and stops you from taking those clothes to the charity shop is what sabotages your big plans. It’s a dangerous game you play when you want to let go of old unhelpful habits but your actions don’t match your words.

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