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How much water do you REALLY drink per day?

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We know water is important but how much do you REALLY drink per day?

The government guidelines say the ‘average’ person needs 1½ to 2 Litres per day. Do you know what that looks like? As a quick rule of thumb, 1 pint is just over ½ a litre so that’s something like 4 pints per day.

Pint glasses can be deceptive too, so it’s easy to kid yourself that you’re getting enough when you’re not.

And then of course, when you’re busy working you can go hours without a drink.  It’s been said that most of us are walking around dehydrated most of the time.  That’s not good for anyone.

What’s the big deal?

Here are some tips to help:

Decide how much is the right amount for you and then log how much you drink as you go. You can set yourself reminders, and log your intake on an app or just write it down as you drink each glass.

Set up a structure, eg 1 pint at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and ½ pint mid morning and mid afternoon.

Use a special glass, that’s ‘yours’ and you only use it for drinks of water.

Always take your water bottle with you when you go out (but don’t leave plastic bottles of water in the car during hot weather.

Drink regularly through the day and keep a glass of water by your bed at night.


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