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Break a Habit

Break a Habit

Many negative outcomes are caused by bad habits. Many of these bad habits are so ingrained that they seem like normal behaviour to the people who practise them. In other words, if you repeat an abnormal behaviour enough times it will begin to seem normal. If the repetition goes on, the behaviour itself will settle into the background of everyday activity. The person involved in the behaviour will be completely unaware of its existence. These ingrained and negative background behaviours can be dangerous precisely because they are unnoticed. They are invisible imperfections.

In order to check if you currently have any of these negative, ingrained bad habits, you may need to rely on a close friend or loved one. You see, subjectively you might not be able to recognise the habit, but from an objective viewpoint it’s quite noticeable. So, ask someone that you are close to if they have observed you habitually doing something that you shouldn’t be doing. Listen to what they have to say with an open mind. Then, if you have a horrible suspicion they could be right, you can begin to work on changing that habit. Embrace that imperfection for what it is and ask yourself how you could do things differently, so beginning the process of turning a bad habit into a positive behaviour.

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